Mortimer Chocolate Company

Pure Dark Chocolate Powders

Our pure dark Chocolate Powders are made from carefully selected cocoa mass,tasted by Adrian Smith (who was trained and worked for many years as a chocolate taster at Mars UK).   As such they are chocolate and not cocoa powder.   Because they are powders they melt very easily making them ideal for your chocolate recipes.    The cocoa mass we use gives an intense chocoloate flavour to your cooking.

West African Pure Dark Chocolate Powder

An exceptional rounded, mellow dark chocolate, loved by all the family.

Great Taste Gold Winner.  Voted the Nation’s favourite Hot Chocolate

Ecuador Pure Dark Chocolate PowderA deep tasting, full bodied dark chocolate,with a seductive heady aroma.

White Couverture Powder – The Dairy-Free alternative to White Chocolate

Free-From Soya and Gluten too! Delicioulsy smooth white chocolate taste, with natural vanilla.

All our chocolate powders are free-from dairy, soya and gluten.   We began by making dark chocolate powders, but as many of our customers had food intolerances we were asked if we could make a white chocolate powder.    Because our powder contains no dairy EEC regulations mean we can not call it chocolate, hence it being called White Couveture Powder.   Now those with dairy intolerance can make white chocolate cakes and puddings!




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