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Double (ish) Chocolate Coconut Muffins

These look yummy. I have a couple of Australian Woman’s Weekly cook books and they are great.

Kingdom of Appetency

I had a plan for this afternoon that involved raspberry macarons, but in the end decided that all that egg-white faffery was beyond me right now (hey, I did housework … that counts for something, right?). Despite that, I still wanted to bake something. Plus we had fajitas last night (pause to wipe drool) so had half a pot of sour cream left over.

And we all know what sour cream goes great in …

Unfortunately my camera was playing silly buggers, and none of the in-flight photos are any good (clearly the camera’s fault and not Mr. Gin Hands who was behind it) so there’s only the one shot of the post-oven glory.

However, you can still have the recipe. How good is that?!

The basic recipe came from my (now don’t laugh) The Australian Women’s Weekly Muffins recipe book, but me being me, I had to tweak it…

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