Classic Chocolate Mousse

Adrian was on the Debbie McGee show on Radio Berkshire last Sunday.   They asked us to bring in some samples so I made some miniature chocolate pots to share.    Debbie is a keen cook so I was very please when she said that the chocolate mouse “Exceeds any I have every had”.   It is all down to the lovely flavour of our chocolate.


Serves 3


  • 75g Mortimer chocolate powder
  • 25g butter
  • 1 tablespoon hot water
  • 2 large eggs


Melt the chocolate and butter over a pan of barely simmering water.

Separate the eggs and put the egg whites into a clean dry bowl.

Mix the egg yolks with the hot water, then beat into the melted chocolate.

Whisk the egg whites, until they form soft peaks.

Beat 1 tablespoon of egg white into the chocolate, repeat with a second tablespoon of egg white.

Fold in the remaining egg white.

Pour into 3 ramekins, or small coffee cups and place in the fridge for several hours to set.

Cooks tips

I have added no alcohol to this recipe, so that you can enjoy the full flavour of the chocolate.

If you want to make this dairy-free just omit the butter


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